The life and works of Triadic Entertainment

As we cast our minds back we discovered the idea for Triadic Entertainment started many years before we first started recording. All the way back in 2002 we joked about the idea of recording the random nonsense that tumbles out of our brains, but like the many ideas that we had and/or tried over the years nothing came it.

We fast forward to 2018 when again our conversations swing back to recording our, funny to us, random conversations. This time something was different, this time we bought some equipment and sat down with mics on to see what would happen.

That’s when Ted and Tim’s Brain Fart was born

It wasn’t long after that that we started to discuss what other podcast ideas we could run with. From that early chat we decided to do a Dungeons and Dragons play through and Dungeon Delvers was born.

Since that early beginning we’ve had many other ideas and plans that we are hoping to share with you in the future.


Meet the team


Other helpers and friends.